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VariableRecordDate & Time
Highest temperature: °F Yesterday
Lowest high temperature: °F Yesterday
Highest low temperature: °F Yesterday
Lowest temperature: °F Yesterday
Highest temperature range: °F Yesterday
Lowest temperature range: °F Yesterday
Highest apparent temperature: °F Yesterday
Lowest apparent temperature: °F Yesterday
Highest THSW index: °F Yesterday
Lowest THSW index: °F Yesterday
Highest dewpoint: °F Yesterday
Lowest dewpoint: °F Yesterday
Highest heat index: °F Yesterday
Lowest windchill: °F Yesterday
Highest heating degree days: °F Yesterday
Highest cooling degree days: °F Yesterday
Highest solar radiation: Yesterday
Highest hrs of sunshine: hrs Yesterday

Barometric Pressure

VariableRecordDate & Time
Highest barometric pressure: Bar Yesterday
Lowest barometric pressure: °F Yesterday
Largest pressure 3hr rise: °F/3hrs Yesterday
Largest pressure 3 hr fall: °F/3hrs Yesterday

Humidity & Rainfall

VariableRecordDate & Time
Lowest relative humidity: % Yesterday
Highest daily rainfall: °F Yesterday
Highest recorded rainfall rate: °F/hr Yesterday
Highest hourly rainfall rate: °F/hr Yesterday
Highest monthly rainfall: °F Yesterday
Lowest monthly rainfall: °F Yesterday
Highest # wet days / year: days Yesterday
Lowest # wet days / year: days Yesterday
Longest wet period: days to Yesterday
Longest dry period: days to Yesterday
Highest calculated cloudbase: °F Yesterday

Wind speeds

VariableRecordDate & Time
Highest wind gust: °F Yesterday
Highest daily average speed: °F Yesterday
Highest daily wind run: °F Yesterday
Lowest daily wind run: °F Yesterday

Air Quality

VariableRecordDate & Time
Highest PM1.0: n/a
Highest PM2.5:
Highest PM10:
Lowest Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): n/a
Highest Carbon Monoxide (CO):
Highest Ammonia (NH3):

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