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My summaries data

My Summaries Data

   Date    Temp. Avg. Temp. High High Time Temp. Low Low Time  Range  Avg. Dewpoint High Dewpoint High Time Low Dewpoint Low Time Avg. Apparent High Apparent App. High Time Low Apparent App. Low Time THSW Avg. THSW High THSW High Time THSW Low THSW Low Time Avg. Windchill Low Windchil Windchill Low Time Avg. Heat Index High Heat Index Heat Index High Time Avg. Windspeed Avg. High Speed Speed High Avg. Time Avg. High Beaufort Dominant Bearing Dominant Compass   Highest Gust  Time of highest gust High Gust Bearing Wind Run Avg. Pressure  Highest Pressure  Pressure High Time  Lowest Pressure  Pressure Low Time     Greatest Trend     Max Trend Time Total Rainfall Max. Rain Rate Max Rate Time Max. Hourly Rate Max Hr Rate Time # Wet Days # Dry Days Humidity Avg. Humidity High Hums. High Time Humidity Low Hums Low Time Avg. Solar Rad. High Solar Rad. High SolarRad Time Max Poss. Rad. Hours Sunshine Avg. UV Index High UV Index High UV Index Time Avg. Cloudbase High Cloudbase High Cloudbase Time Low Cloudbase Low Cloudbase Time Heat °Days Cool °Days

About this data

The table above shows the summary data collected since 2008. Although this covers all the data I have collected data before 2014 is less reliable as the weather stations used; a Technoline and an Oregon WMR 180, were either not positioned well or very unreliable. Since 2018, I have been using a Davis Vantage Pro II.

With earlier data there is also data missing due to the lack of features available.

If you would like a copy of this data then please visit my downloads page.