An introduction to Oaktree Webs

Welcome to Oaktree Webs (UK). I am a retired teacher of Information Technology and Computing with skills in web design and development. This website is my contribution to the continued development of skills needed by young people (and all others) in modern society. Through this site I aim to provide access to a number of learning resources aimed at a variety of people, from students needing simply to master their computer, through Games Programming to basic skills using the standard Microsoft applications.

I retired because I feel that the examination boards and education system are not responding to the needs of young people in ICT / Computing and because I feel I can help. Although new examination courses have recently been introduced in Computing these are stuck in the 1980's with little relevance to the basic programming skills needed at 16+. Hopefully, the courses made available here will enthuse and excite students to get involved with programming a computer. I have also been involved in evening classes for those who have left school but who feel the need to continue to develop their skills but not necessarily gain specific qualifications (though I can cover a range of courses including the European Computer Driving License - but you would need to be assessed at an accredited centre).

As a teacher of Computing and ICT I also have skills in web design and development so I am also interested in developing your web site for you. To date I have specialized in producing web based solutions for small businesses and organizations who want a professional presence on the Internet to help promote awareness of their services without the expense of mainstream web development companies. I know I can help you.

So if ...

  • You want help to simply use your computer for work or home,
  • You want to have extra help for school ICT or Computing courses,
  • You are interested in learning how to develop computer games using the programming environment GameMaker®,
  • You want to learn specific ICT or Computing skills...
  • You think you might want a website developed (or be shown how to do it)...

then why not have a look through my site and, if you think I can help, get in contact

Use the menu above to select the area of interest. Try the sample course, have a look at OWeL - my on line learning system. If Websites are your interest have a look to see what I can do and what it might cost - looking, after all will cost you nothing.

Finally, you will notice that I run a weather station. This is up 24/7 and can provide you with interesting data (well I think so), about the weather in the Gloucester area. I provide access to data since 2008 - so when you want to see if this really is the wettest summer for a while, I can give you local facts and figures.

Call OakTree Webs now or fill in the contact form to see what I can do for you.